They are vital to families and communities, with specific needs and invaluable experience. The Red Cross Red Crescent network is assisting the most vulnerable, promoting intergenerational solidarity and supporting those who volunteer to help others

Addressing misinformation is a shared responsibility. In Europe, the Red Cross Red Crescent network is looking into people’s concerns and responding to them through door-to-door awareness-raising, mass campaigns and other initiatives.

Deadly heatwaves, floods, drought, mass population movements across borders… Every year, a wide range of emergencies strike countries across Europe — but many remain unseen. Red Cross and Red Crescent teams ensure those in need can get help

Red Cross and Red Crescent teams continue providing psychosocial support to people struggling with grief, loneliness and stress in Europe — amid growing pandemic fatigue

Across Ireland, nearly 200 inmates are volunteering with the Red Cross to keep the virus at bay, promote healthy environments and increase vaccine acceptance among their peers

The Iranian Red Crescent has set up multiple temporary hospitals and medical posts to support the people affected by COVID-19, especially in the worst-hit southern parts of the country.

PRCS has established advanced medical posts in areas of highest need. These are medical stations located near the frontline to provide first aid as well as trauma care in order to stabilize those needing transport to hospital emergency rooms.
© Olga Posaskova / Lithuanian Red Cross


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

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